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Strength, agility, stamina, and power are few words that tend to float around in the ethos of Australian Rugby League. We’re in the midst of origin for 2021 and we’re seeing some of the greatest physical athletes at peak performance, putting on a show, so how exactly are they achieving such a sought-after physique? I’ll let you in on a few industry secrets.


In a game of Rugby League muscle is essentially your armour. Out on the field it provides protection as much as it does help impact the opposing players. To get to such a stage, you have to workout in a particular way, one that’s going to stimulate growth in those major muscle groups. You really want a mix of compound weight movements and functional exercises that will prep you for movement required in each game.


Here are my top five exercises to implement into your workout today:

  1. Deadlifts – Full body compound movement, improve the bodies posterior chain strength and power.

  2. Barbell squats – Great way to strengthen and gain power throughout your lower body and core.

  3. Standing medicine ball wall throws (side throws) - Great for overall core strength and power.

  4. Jammer press – My favorite exercise for rugby league it works the whole body.

  5. Landmine rotations – Another full body core exercise that will strengthen a variety of muscle groups required in rugby league.


Onto the foodie side of things. Generally speaking, rugby players have large energy, fluid, and carbohydrate requirements, because of the level of exertion needed to both train and perform during the on season. With three regular meals and plenty of snacks throughout the day, you want to ensure you can sustain yourself for competition, as well as fuel those gym gains.


You want quality sources of whole grain carbohydrates including cereals, bread, pasta, rice, potatoes, legumes. These are for sustained energy release where long durations of effort are required and will help you feel full without getting the cravings for junk food.


You need protein rich foods including lean meat, chicken, fish, kangaroo, eggs etc. The body will use these for muscle recovery, repair and growth.


Healthy fats are essential in any diet for balanced hormone production, and can be found in: oily fish, avocados, nuts and seeds, olive oil.


Lastly, I don’t recommend you skimp on fruit and veg as this is going to prime your body with the vitamins and antioxidants required to support your immune system and keep you healthy and feeling fresh.


It’s a healthy balanced diet at its core, but the consistency and cravings is where most come undone. If you’re just beginning your health and wellness journey, maybe seeking some guidance as well as inspiration, I cannot stress how many delicious meal-delivery options there are on the market. Companies like MACROS can cater to your dietary needs with predetermined plans like ‘sculpt’ ‘gain’ and ‘perform’ to further support your fitness goals. Delivered fresh to your door this is one way to stay accountable and kickstart the process today.


That’s how to eat and train like a rugby player, now, go get those gains.



Kayne Lawton is a MACROS Fitness Ambassador, former NRL player for the Gold Coast Titans – and globally for the French Elite One Championship. Kayne now works as a full-time fitness coach, with his ultra-successful meal and training programs used by huge online communities he has worked with some of the NRL current and past stars such as Clint Gutherson, Andrew Mccullough, Jesse Ramien, Tim Mannah, Todd Carney. Kayne holds his Certificate III in Fitness and Nutrition and Certificate IV in Fitness and Nutrition.

His family - partner Jamie and bub Wyld - share their beautiful QLD beachside lifestyle through Instagram including adventures to the beach, the gym, and their daily household routines. Striving to motivate other hands-on Dads, showing them how you can raise kids, plus lead a busy, healthy lifestyle.


MACROS ready-made meals make healthy eating easy (and delicious) for every Aussie, including 3 Fitness and 4 Everyday plans to choose from. Chef-crafted from fresh ingredients and delivered to your door, our meals are as packed with flavour as they are with nutrients, thanks to our in-house dietitians.


Nutritionally-balanced and portion-controlled, all MACROS meals are dairy-free, and can cater to a range of dietary requirements while also offering high-protein, low-cal and low-carb options. 


  • Regularly Updated Menu - Because variety is key for making healthy eating effortless. You’ll never get bored on MACROS.

  • Dietitian-Formulated - So you can skip the guesswork, and give your body only the good stuff.

  • Made by Pro-Chefs - They know what they’re doing, and how to keep things interesting for all kinds of dietary requirements.

  • Delivered Fresh - Made with real ingredients you recognise, MACROS meals arrive at your door fresh (never frozen or vacuum-packed).


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