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Long flights are definitely tedious and uncomfortable. Unless you are flying in first class, you already know what to expect. From crowded seats, almost no personal space and a lot of free time to kill until you land at your destination. Regardless of where you are traveling to, you need to make your long trip more comfortable. Even if you are an experienced traveler, no one wants to be bored and anxious on a plane for various hours. Finding something to do is definitively important for your mental health. In addition, in order to make the flight more comfortable, you need to find the necessary objects to bring on the plane with you.

A long-haul flight doesn't necessarily need to be uncomfortable, here are some ways that can help your trip feel way more enjoyable.

1. Bring a Pillow

Rule number one when traveling long-haul flights is to bring a pillow. You never know how the space around you is going to be, or how crowded a plane will be during takeoff, therefore make sure you always bring a pillow with you. Regardless if it's a pillow from home, a neck pillow, or any sort of variety of cushion or padding, bring something that will make your flight more comfortable. You can use your pillow for more than sleeping, you can use it to rest your head on the side, you can put it in your lower back to avoid any back pain, or even put it under your arms to rest.

2. Pack Snacks

Snacks are the ideal way to survive a long-haul flight. Even if they serve you a meal during your long flight, there are going to be periods of time when you get hungry, and having a snack is the best solution to this problem. Avoid being hungry mid-flight and pack some snacks and water for your trip.

3. Get For Onboard Wifi

Getting wifi onboard can be one of the best things to do. Aside from allowing you to stream movies and music, you can also play online games during your entire flight. Access online platforms such as, where you can get an enjoyable and fun method of entertainment for a long period of time. Not only will this help the flight go by smoother, but you will also find a distraction that will allow you to decompress and release stress during your travels.

4. Bring an Eye Mask

Another great way to make your long-haul flight more comfortable is by using an eye mask. Especially if it is an overnight flight, you want to make sure you control when you go to sleep. Even if the plane dims their lights, when they are ready to wake you up again, they bring them back up, which can be quite uncomfortable for those who want to continue sleeping. Avoid being disturbed and bring an eye mask on your next flight.


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