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Avid fitness lovers know that all of their wellbeing and physique goals heavily depend on their fitness routine. From eating enough calories, choosing nutrient-dense snacks and meals, all the way to regular workouts, you need to work hard in order to stay fit. Now, if you’re a nomad by nature and you still wish to maintain your fitness goals on the go, you are likely going to experience unique hurdles as you explore the world and still do your finest to stay strong and healthy.

Let’s get one thing out of the way first: it is entirely possible to achieve your fitness goals while you’re out there, in the world, working on the go and discovering new cultures and new, secluded nooks of our planet. All it takes is a bit of preparation, ample knowledge, and of course, perseverance to stick to what works for your specific aspirations. Let’s go over a few key strategies you should embrace if you want to maintain your workout routine and your nutrition needs while you’re going on yet another adventure!

Wearables make fitness possible

Depending on where your travels take you, consider choosing the most suitable clothing and accessories that will enable you to also stay active. Sometimes, that means surfing-friendly gear that’s practically a must for the Australian coastline, while if you’re headed for the mountains, hiking shoes and a water-resistant jacket will help you stay dry and healthy on the go.

If you like to keep track of your steps and heart rate, you can also use tech-based wearables that will monitor your vitals and help you reach your daily fitness goals.

Always have healthy snacks with you

Whether you’re waiting for another long-haul flight that will keep you in the air and sedentary for hours on end, or you’re about to explore the wilderness – you need to provide yourself with healthy and filling sources of energy.

Plus, in case of an unexpected delay or issue, you want to have access to nutrient-dense snacks that will keep you going. Protein bars, roasted nuts and seeds, as well as dried fruits and the like are all decent sources of vitamins, minerals, and they’ll prevent you from reaching for that sugary chocolate bar.

Make sure you consume enough protein

Supplements in various forms have become every traveler’s best friends, because they are easy to consume, transport, and they will last a long time while providing you with proper, balanced nourishment. For example, you can rely on premium isolate protein in the form of powder and make quick and delicious protein shakes to boost your energy levels, and keep you full for longer periods of time.

These shakes let you provide your body with top-quality protein on the go, so that you can maintain your healthy, lean muscle mass, lose fat more efficiently if that’s your goal, and keep your immune system strong. Consuming enough protein is the foundation of a healthy diet for any fitness aficionado, so make sure that your meals are protein-rich, and you’ll ward off energy slumps, sugar cravings, and many other issues that are common for nomads.

Use apps and digital channels for quick workouts

The popularity of app use in the US is growing rapidly, and as the trend is taking the entire world by storm, more travel-loving people are turning to fitness apps that have massive databases of workouts for all your needs.

If you cannot be bothered to craft your own training routine, this is the best option for you. You can use guided workouts, mix and match different disciplines such as Pilates, yoga, and HIIT, and make the most of your time while traveling to stay fit and healthy.

Build and refine your own training plan

Did you know that Auckland can be an exceptionally fun source of challenging activities even during wintertime? For instance, you can try indoor rock climbing in Auckland when the weather isn’t ideal for outdoor workouts.

That’s only possible if your training routine is flexible enough, so that you can swap your regular full-body workout with something available in your new location. Then again, having a go-to set of bodyweight exercises that are travel-friendly will give you the means to burn off calories easily no matter if you’re camping in a national park or staying in a fancy hotel.

Seek out free activities in each new location

Especially if you’re visiting vast and versatile countries such as Australia, you are certain to come across cost-effective and exciting training alternatives to your regular routine. This will help you stay eager to exercise, and it will allow you a unique strategy to immerse yourself into the local life – and let’s face it, Aussies love a good workout, be it in the form of a good surf, jogging along the beach, or hiking.

There are, for example, many free fitness activities in Cairns you can benefit from, such as free Zumba classes, free-to-use fitness equipment in the local parks, and lovely walking trails for you to get to know the city better.

Make sure to get enough rest

What so many eager nomads tend to neglect in their life is sleep. Alas, that is precisely one piece of your fitness equation you cannot afford to lose on, hence the need to adapt your travel routine and your workout routine to give your body enough time to recuperate.

Although travelers will typically not pay that much attention to getting those eight hours of solid sleep every night, your endurance and your physique require some kind of sleeping consistency. With that in mind, make sure that your travels are flexible. If you can avoid traveling around the clock and use nights to get ample rest, all the better for your body and your fitness goals. Plus, you’ll be wide awake the next day to absorb all the beauty around you as you explore your new destination!


It becomes easy to get sidetracked and focus on a slew of exciting activities and sightseeing spots you come across when you hit the road without a proper plan. Once you’re ready to make certain changes in your lifestyle and adapt your travel schedule, you will be able to stay fit, strong, and above all, healthy and resilient no matter where your journey takes you.



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