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Australia has many tourist attraction sites and great weather. Therefore, travellers get a rich travelling experience. Road trips can sometimes take hours or even days and you will need to keep yourself busy during the journey. Some great virtual entertainment ideas include;

Virtual games

There are many virtual games that you can play to win cash during your long road trip on a bus or taxi. Moreover, many virtual games can help the players to improve their memory, multi-tasking skills, concentration, socialisation skills and teamwork skills. There are many great casinos online where you can entertain yourself and win money or huge jackpots in the process.

Virtual events

Virtual events gained popularity during the pandemic. There are many virtual events that are great for road trips such as streaming virtual music and comedy concerts. You and your loved ones can stream a live concert of your favourite singers and enjoy the great music while driving along the beautiful Australian countryside. Other virtual events could be live magic shows, occasions and celebrations.

Social media group calls

You and your friends can create a live video and just have long conversations with each other via Instagram and Facebook. The best part about this is all your friends in different parts of the country or world can join in.

Virtual Karaoke

This is a great way of getting your friends together. You can have a karaoke session together as you jam out to your favourite hit songs. The sessions can be done in a virtual private suite where only family and friends can sing, chat, laugh and get together, reducing the distance. This is best done in private vehicles where you can sing at the top of your lungs with your friends in different parts of the country. This can be done via zoom among other apps.

Online TV viewing party

This is where families and friends gather to watch a special broadcast such as the Superbowl or the Oscars. However, instead of the group sitting on couches together, they gather through video calls. The group will interact through the video call while streaming the ceremony or occasion through Hulu or YouTube. If you are on a trip with a designated driver, the rest can have an online TV viewing party with family members or friends in different parts of the world and just enjoy the interactions during the long journey.

While you are on a long road trip with another person behind the wheel, you can play virtual games, stream virtual events, have karaoke with friends, engage with loved ones on social media group calls or have an online TV viewing party. However, most of these entertainment options are best when you are on a bus or car with another designated driver.


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